What is the standard contingency fee for an injury lawyer?

When you are injured in an accident by the fault of a negligent individual or entity, you have grounds to file a personal injury claim. Most every personal injury attorney Las Vegas has works on contingency. What that means is our attorneys do not receive payment until YOU receive payment. We work for free up front, thus saving you quite a bit of spare pocket change. What is the typical contingency fee for an injury lawyer? Usually around 33 percent; however, some lawyers advertise their services with a "lowest fee guarantee," however, you should be wary about this type of working arrangement. These fees are usually offered by less experienced attorneys or attorneys who practice under the " settlement mill " philosophy. A settlement mill is a law firm that settles cases as quickly as possible without working the case up to its full settlement value. This can be good and bad.... the up side is you receive your settlement check quicker... the downside is your che

Health Insurance And Personal Injury Claims

So you’ve just been in an accident, and you are injured badly enough that you need to take an ambulance to a local hospital for treatment. With all the anguish and stress of the accident caused by someone else’s negligence, you at least know you have health insurance which should cover any treatment. Some people assume that since it was clear cut that the other driver was at fault, and they have health insurance, they should be able to get treatment and negotiate a settlement with the other insurance company themselves. This is usually a big mistake. Depending how long you wait to see a lawyer, your claim could be severely compromised. Here are some of the issues revolving around using health insurance for your treatment. 1) Your health insurance has a subrogation lien against your claim. In other words, if you recover money, you have to pay them back. Many times we will want the health insurance to pay the hospital related charges, because they usually pay a very reduced rate. Fo